Featured Puggles ~ Puggle Overload!

By | October 7, 2012

I’ve been getting so many Featured Puggle submissions I can hardly keep up! So this time I’ll be picking 3 of my favorites to be featured… It’s a Puggle overload!

Top 3 Featured Puggles:


Name: Milo

Nicknames: Mile, Milo-dog, Sherlock (Holmes)

Color/Markings: Fawn with white feet (Like socks!)

Favorite Toy: A very loud, squeaky toy that is a little ram.

Best Friend: His cousin (brother’s dog) Cali, who is a German Sheppard/Huskie Mix.

Life Goal: To try to and get the human food which he is not allowed to have.

Bio: Milo is a little tornado who loves to play during the day, and snuggle a lot at night. He is ornery, sweet, and silly all at once. He is such a scavenger, and loves to explore.


Name: Loki Sebastion

Nicknames: Lokibear, Lokimonster, Lokibutt, Wrinkle-face

Color/Markings: Tan with black muzzle and white on chest.

Favorite Toy: Balls. Loki is the founding member of TBA… Tennis Balls Anonymous.

Best Friend: Rylee his doggy-cousin, and Daddy.

Life Goal: To catch all the balls, Eat all the cheese, get all the snuggles!

Bio: Loki was born in San Antonio, Texas, in February 2011, and lived in Texas until Mom & Dad decided to move to Wisconsin to be near family. Loki enjoys eating, sleeping, taking walks, and wrestling with Rylee. Loki is a master of tricks, and had : Sit, shake, lay down, up, speak, and high five all mastered before he was a year old. He loves to wrestle with Dad, and play “Monster”. (a fun, made up game!) When he’s not playing Monster with Dad, Loki loves to curl up and snuggle with Mom, and watch movies. His favorite spot to sleep is right in the middle of the bed, under the covers in between Mom and Dad, if Dad tries to give Mom a kiss goodnight, Loki pops up to keep us separated… So jealous!


Name: Fiona From Fhiladelphia

Nicknames: Fifi, Peanut Head

Color/Markings: Fawn

Favorite Toy: Mr. Bill, Bras, Wavy the Gator

Best Friend: Rocky

Life Goal: To sniff out a room filled with Bil Jacs and Chicken Breast

Bio: Fiona is a rescue pup living in the middle of the city.  She’s a lucky girl because there is a dog park and a little woods right across the street.  While she loves playing with her buddies, she still gets a little scared of big black dogs and sudden noises.  She tries very hard to be a good girl, but being a puggle in a land of so many smells is tough!

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