Cormac Caught The Puggle Bug

By | February 25, 2013

It wouldn’t be a normal month if Cormac didn’t get sick at least once. Well this month he had a period of two days where he couldn’t stop throwing up. It was so hard to watch, but we figured it would run its course.

After a day and a half, poor little guy woke up and wouldn’t move…not even for breakfast. You know something is very wrong when a puggle doesn’t want to eat!

puggle feels sick

When we finally got him off the couch, walking to the vet was a whole other struggle. But we made it! Woo hoo!

puggle at the vet sick

He was so polite (and sad) as we waited our turn.

dehydrated puggle

Apparently, he was extremely dehydrated and needed a little water boost, so they injected some under his skin.

puggle wrinkles nose

Back home for some rest and relaxation. What I wouldn’t do for him!

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