Featured Puggle ~ Puggles Wuggles

By | May 5, 2013

MEET Puggles Wuggles!

puggle blog featured puggle

puggle blog featured puggle

puggle blog featured puggle

Name: Puggles

Nicknames: Pugs, Puggle Wuggle, Bad Boy, Fat Cat

Color/Markings: Fawn

Favorite Toy: Rope

Best Friend: Human sister

Life Goal: To catch the laser pointer….

Bio: My name is Puggles Wuggles and I am an overweight 30 pound puggle. My mom was a 20 pound beagle, and my dad was an average pug. I apparently thought it would be funny to combine their total weights and grow bigger than my owners anticipated.

I love to go geocaching, but I’m a little bit of a pansy and have to wear hiking boots to protect me from ants and burs. Just because I have sensitive feet and require special clothing, my owners decided to make me carry my own supplies! You’ll usually see me out and about sporting my blue backpack and blue hiking boots.

Check out Puggles Wuggles facebook page here!

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