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Puggle Tears Leg Ligament

By | July 6, 2013


Ever since we moved to New York, I’ve really struggled to update this blog. I’ll do my best to bring the blog up to speed from now on… :) As for all the people who are submitting their puggles to be featured, thank you! As I post more, I’ll try to pull from past submissions […]

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Cormac The Puggle – Torn Paw Pad

By | June 25, 2011


The other day Cormac wouldn’t stop licking his foot. I figured he just stepped in something tasty, but when I took a look at it, his paw pad was injured! Part of it looks to have torn right from his foot. Poor lil’ guy. I put some antibiotic ointment inside the flap of skin, which […]

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