Puggle Tears Leg Ligament

By | July 6, 2013

Ever since we moved to New York, I’ve really struggled to update this blog. I’ll do my best to bring the blog up to speed from now on… :)

As for all the people who are submitting their puggles to be featured, thank you! As I post more, I’ll try to pull from past submissions and get some of you guys featured! (After all…every puggle deserves the spotlight!)

Okay… now onto business. This blog should really be called, “CormacGetsHurt.com” because the poor little guy is injured again! Back in April we took a trip back to Michigan for a Leukemia fundraiser for my mother, (www.lovejeannie.com), and during our trip Cormac took a tumble… The results were a cut leg and a torn knee ligament. :-(


He was very confused as the vet assessed his knee. As if he was asking, “why can’t I walk???” The wound was flushed out and 4 staples were put in.



During supervision, we could take off his “cone of shame” and let him do what he loves most… Bask in the Spring sun!cormac-puggle-leg-injury-3

It’s been particularly hard back in NYC because we live in a 4 floor walk-up… Every time we would take the dogs out, we’d carry Cormac. 25lbs has NEVER felt so heavy!!  (Below is my darling husband carrying him!)cormac-puggle-leg-injury-5 cormac-puggle-leg-injury-6

About a month ago, Cormac was able to start doing the stairs himself and eventually stopped limping. With a LOT of physical therapy at home, he is finally getting better!

Featured Puggle ~ Puggles Wuggles

By | May 5, 2013

MEET Puggles Wuggles!

puggle blog featured puggle

puggle blog featured puggle

puggle blog featured puggle

Name: Puggles

Nicknames: Pugs, Puggle Wuggle, Bad Boy, Fat Cat

Color/Markings: Fawn

Favorite Toy: Rope

Best Friend: Human sister

Life Goal: To catch the laser pointer….

Bio: My name is Puggles Wuggles and I am an overweight 30 pound puggle. My mom was a 20 pound beagle, and my dad was an average pug. I apparently thought it would be funny to combine their total weights and grow bigger than my owners anticipated.

I love to go geocaching, but I’m a little bit of a pansy and have to wear hiking boots to protect me from ants and burs. Just because I have sensitive feet and require special clothing, my owners decided to make me carry my own supplies! You’ll usually see me out and about sporting my blue backpack and blue hiking boots.

Check out Puggles Wuggles facebook page here!

Cormac Caught The Puggle Bug

By | February 25, 2013

It wouldn’t be a normal month if Cormac didn’t get sick at least once. Well this month he had a period of two days where he couldn’t stop throwing up. It was so hard to watch, but we figured it would run its course.

After a day and a half, poor little guy woke up and wouldn’t move…not even for breakfast. You know something is very wrong when a puggle doesn’t want to eat!

puggle feels sick

When we finally got him off the couch, walking to the vet was a whole other struggle. But we made it! Woo hoo!

puggle at the vet sick

He was so polite (and sad) as we waited our turn.

dehydrated puggle

Apparently, he was extremely dehydrated and needed a little water boost, so they injected some under his skin.

puggle wrinkles nose

Back home for some rest and relaxation. What I wouldn’t do for him!

Puggles take on Frankenstorm!

By | October 29, 2012

I always wondered how you take your dog out to go to the bathroom during a hurricane… Now I know the answer: Very difficultly.

Needless to say, they didn’t like it very much. The streets were flooding and the wind was really strong. I’d recommend a GOOD harness for anyone needing to take their dog out. Cormac almost slipped right out of his collar with all that wind and commotion.

puggles frankenstorm 2012

Sweet Dreams Puggles

By | October 27, 2012

Good Night Dear Puggles :)

Puggle Watches Baseball ~ Valverde FAIL

By | October 16, 2012

I’m not a HUGE baseball fan, but as a Detroiter living in New York, we had to watch the Championship Series…Naturally, our Puggles watched too! But when Cormac saw the game last Saturday, he was as displeased with Valverde as we were. Tough Critic.valverde_puggle_funny comic

Closet Puggles

By | October 13, 2012

Puggles sure do love hanging out in the strangest places, wouldn’t you agree?



Featured Puggles ~ Puggle Overload!

By | October 7, 2012

I’ve been getting so many Featured Puggle submissions I can hardly keep up! So this time I’ll be picking 3 of my favorites to be featured… It’s a Puggle overload!

Top 3 Featured Puggles:


Name: Milo

Nicknames: Mile, Milo-dog, Sherlock (Holmes)

Color/Markings: Fawn with white feet (Like socks!)

Favorite Toy: A very loud, squeaky toy that is a little ram.

Best Friend: His cousin (brother’s dog) Cali, who is a German Sheppard/Huskie Mix.

Life Goal: To try to and get the human food which he is not allowed to have.

Bio: Milo is a little tornado who loves to play during the day, and snuggle a lot at night. He is ornery, sweet, and silly all at once. He is such a scavenger, and loves to explore.


Name: Loki Sebastion

Nicknames: Lokibear, Lokimonster, Lokibutt, Wrinkle-face

Color/Markings: Tan with black muzzle and white on chest.

Favorite Toy: Balls. Loki is the founding member of TBA… Tennis Balls Anonymous.

Best Friend: Rylee his doggy-cousin, and Daddy.

Life Goal: To catch all the balls, Eat all the cheese, get all the snuggles!

Bio: Loki was born in San Antonio, Texas, in February 2011, and lived in Texas until Mom & Dad decided to move to Wisconsin to be near family. Loki enjoys eating, sleeping, taking walks, and wrestling with Rylee. Loki is a master of tricks, and had : Sit, shake, lay down, up, speak, and high five all mastered before he was a year old. He loves to wrestle with Dad, and play “Monster”. (a fun, made up game!) When he’s not playing Monster with Dad, Loki loves to curl up and snuggle with Mom, and watch movies. His favorite spot to sleep is right in the middle of the bed, under the covers in between Mom and Dad, if Dad tries to give Mom a kiss goodnight, Loki pops up to keep us separated… So jealous!


Name: Fiona From Fhiladelphia

Nicknames: Fifi, Peanut Head

Color/Markings: Fawn

Favorite Toy: Mr. Bill, Bras, Wavy the Gator

Best Friend: Rocky

Life Goal: To sniff out a room filled with Bil Jacs and Chicken Breast

Bio: Fiona is a rescue pup living in the middle of the city.  She’s a lucky girl because there is a dog park and a little woods right across the street.  While she loves playing with her buddies, she still gets a little scared of big black dogs and sudden noises.  She tries very hard to be a good girl, but being a puggle in a land of so many smells is tough!

The Puggles Are City Dogs Now!

By | July 25, 2012

After a few weeks in the city, the puggles are settling right in. And from the 21st floor, they love watching the people below. They’ve also had a lot of ‘firsts’. A few of the big ones are:

-No grass to play in. (not yet anyways, we’re moving near Central Park soon!)
-More people in one spot than they’ve ever seen.
-Dog parks where there are other small dogs to play with, and a lot of them.
-Only going outside twice a day.

Puggles Are NYC Bound!

By | July 1, 2012

Nothing lasts forever. Especially not the place you call home. Starting in July, the puggles will be traveling to New York with us for a new adventure. As we packed the moving truck, they wouldn’t leave our side!

Just before we started packing our things for the move, a baby blue jay fell from its nest.